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Madi Ventura is an Italian company with over 80 years of experience in the world of dried fruit and nuts. The skillful balance between tradition and innovation, the constant research and development aiming innovative, safe and healthy food solutions, have made Madi Ventura a point of reference in its industry.

Chi Siamo
Who We Are

Better Being for everyone

Madi Ventura is an entrepreneurial project characterized by balance, where passion, innovation and quality create a successful mix, always paying close attention to the well-being of people and the environment. Since 1936, we have been traveling the world in search of the best suppliers and best products. Over the course of four generations, we have managed to achieve excellence in the dried fruit sector and have become a point of reference on reliability and quality for consumers.

Madi Ventura is the place where high quality raw materials, environmental consciousness, capabilities and technologies meet and grow together to create products for everyone’s Better Being.

Cosa Facciamo
What we do

We look for the best dried fruit

For over 80 years, Madi Ventura has carefully selected the ideal origins and harvesting conditions for the growth of each fruit, forging partnerships with local producers, to obtain only the best products, utilizing only the best technologies and packaging processes suitable to preserve the flavors , the aromas and nutritional properties of its fruits.

Every year, Madi Ventura imports over 18,000 tons of raw materials from about 30 countries, and more than 90 suppliers located on 5 continents, compliant with the main international standards relating to agricultural practices, protection of human rights and good market practices. A constant dialogue with its suppliers allowed Madi Ventura to build solid, long-lasting relationships devoted to mutual improvement.

Come lo facciamo
How we do it

A Guarantee of high quality products

The most demanding challenge for Madi Ventura is to guarantee the safety and quality of the products it places on the market. Every year, the company goes through strict reviews of Official and independent Certification Bodies. A qualified team operates in Madi Ventura, so that the certified Quality System respects the highest standards of the sector.

In the food selection phase, with the help of high technological laser machines, trained personnel carefully choose all the raw materials that are introduced into the production process, to guarantee the suitability of the goods in a capillary way. The roasting of the nuts takes place through lines managed by a computerized system which guides the product up to its packaging, with the aim of ensuring its integrity and fragrance.

Le nostre specialità

High quality dried fruit and nuts-based products

Madi Ventura delivers a wide range of high quality branded products based on dried fruits and nuts, and is also the exclusive Italian distributor of Sunsweet products, a leading company in the world in the prunes. Madi Ventura offers the market good, healthy and safe products, characterized by high energy values ​​and nutritional elements that contribute to the proper functioning of body and mind.

Designed for those who lead a dynamic and active lifestyle, Madi Ventura's offer includes unshelled and shelled classic nuts, roasted and natural nuts, dried and dehydrated fruits, seasonal specialties (such as chestnuts, figs and dates), bars without added sugars, mixes for salads, yogurts and ice creams, spreadable creams and dried fruit mixes.


Compliance with the main international standards

To maintain a high level of supplier performance control and guarantee consumer satisfaction and safety, Madi Ventura uses almost 50 different types of certifications in compliance with the main international standards.

Among the certifications obtained by Madi Ventura and its suppliers, the following stand out: the IFS (International Food Standard) and BROS (BRC Global Standard for Food Safety) standards, which certify the commitment to compliance with hygiene standards and food safety; the SMETA procedure (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), for monitoring the supply chain in an ethical and social context; the international reference standard ISO 9001 which defines the requirements for the quality management of company processes.

Our History

In over 80 years, the company has been able to achieve excellence in the dried and dehydrated fruit sector.

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