Our History

Since 1936, Madi Ventura has been a landmark in the dried fruits & nuts market. Thanks to the profitable combination of tradition and innovation combined with the expertise matured in the sector, the company has become overtime a symbol of reliability and high quality products.


Attilio Ventura founded Ventura in Genoa, with the aim of exporting fruit and vegetable products, together with flowers. With its world-known harbor, Attilio picks Genoa as a strategic city to develop his business.


Giovanni Battista Calvini, for the family “Cicin”, an entrepreneur specialized in Ligurian olive oil from Sanremo, acquires Ventura with the dream of expanding his business abroad, but also with the goal of importing, for the first time, fruit and vegetable products from exotic origins around the world such as dates, figs, and raisins.


Young Adriano Calvini takes over Ventura after the sudden death of his father Cicin, and the company starts to blossom strengthening its relations with the best suppliers of meticulously selected fruits from all over the world.


With the growth of volumes and sales, Ventura’s reputation solidifies in the Italian market, and its style and shape of products continue to evolve.


With the rise of new challenges and opportunities in the market, Ventura, led by the Calvini family, joins forces with Madi, a company specialized in production processes and technologies led by the Magni and Di Gioia families, giving birth to Madi Ventura.


Keeping the objective clear of continuing with the mission established 80 years before, Ventura ventures into new emerging dried fruit and nuts-basedproducts. Bontà e Benessere “BB” (Italian for tasty and healthy) becomes the motif which characterizes all research and development.


In the midst of the Covid pandemic, Ventura launches its first ever retail store in Milan, Why Nut, an innovative concept which unites a café and a nut roastery under the same roof, with the aim of joining dried fruits and nuts in healthy meals.


Madi Ventura acquires 85% stake in Meraviglie, a small company from Verona specialized in organic raw chocolate as well as other special dried fruit and nuts-basedproducts. Keeping its visionary founder Giorgio Sergio onboard, the goal is to develop further in the healthy snacking category, with the aim of expanding its horizons in new markets outside of Italy.